Increased by:

  • Creating Mortar and Pestle sets
  • Creating Alchemy Knowledge materials
  • Unavailable

Alchemy is an Magic Skill in Dark and Light.



Alchemy Information


The skilled alchemist can turn everyday natural components into powerful tonics and spell ingredients. Mastery of this skill is the cornerstone of spellcasting itself. 



Skill Rank



Reqs to Craft



Crafted At


Quartz Sand 0.1  stone x 1 30 Mortar and Pestle Stone ground into a coarse sand. Used to creat glass items such as bottle and vials.
Sulfur Powder 0.1 Sulfur Ore x 1 29 Mortar and Pestle Raw sulfur ground into a fine, flammable powder. Used as in ingredient for explosives and advanced fire spells.
Glass Bottle 0.1
  • Alchemy Rank2
?? 63 Your Inventory Abottle of glass used to hold water.
Ice Chunk 0.1
  • Alchemy Rank2

 Glass Bottle x 1 (filled with water)

 Magical Shards x 15

290 Your Inventory A chunk of frozen water. Used as an ingredient in water magic to craft ice spells.
Ground Bone 0.1  Bones x 1 31 Mortar and Pestle Processed bones from animal remains. Used as a crafting material.
Resetting Potion 0.1

 Death Cap Mushroom x 25 

 Lightblossom x 25 

 Darkweed x 25

 Magic Essence x1



Magic Workbench

Castle Magic


Drink this dangerous potion could reset status points but will poison you. Be careful.
Acidic Extract 0.5

 Thundergrass x 4

 Sulfur Powder x 4

 Glass Bottle x 1

240 Mortar and Pestle A natural acid extracted from plants. Used as an ingredient for cooking recipes.
Lightstone Sand 0.1  Lightstone x 5 32 Mortar and Pestle Sand Crafted from grinding Lightstone. Has light properties useful in spell crafting and smithing.
Darkstone Sand 0.1  Darkstone x 5 33 Mortar and Pestle Sand created from grinding darkstone. Has dark properties useful in spellcrafting and smithing.



Notes & Tips

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