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Patch Notes

Dark and Light 8/7 Update - Patch Notes

General Updates

Animation and Sound:

  • Weapons / Magic:
  • Wooden Bow - Improved animations.
  • Ghost Scythe - Added new sound effects to light and heavy attacks.
  • Horses - Added hit and footstep sound effects.


  • Evades (crouch + movement direction) - Added a forward evade and improved animations for all evades.
  • Adjusted various female character animations.
  • Adjusted movement animations during character creation.


  • Slightly increased the time for rare resource nodes to respawn after being depleted.


  • City Guards - Increased base stats.
  • NPC health recovery speed increased.


  • Divine Creatures - Added spell damage resistance.
  • Boss Creatures - Increased health pool.
  • Infernus Dragon - Added spell damage resistance and fire damage immunity. Temporarily removed Flame Breath attack. Reduced respawn rate.
  • Frost Dragon - Added spell damage resistance and ice damage immunity. Reduced respawn rate.
  • Wyvern - Added spell damage resistance.
  • Elementals - Added elemental damage immunity based on the Elemental's type (i.e. Fire Elementals are now immune to fire damage).
  • Ice Elemental - Added new water attack.
  • Water Elemental - Increased respawn rate.
  • Dark Fallen - Added dark damage immunity.
  • Ice Wolf - Added ice damage resistance.
  • Hellcat - Added fire damage resistance.
  • Bahamut - Added fire damage resistance.
  • Centaurs - Adjusted animations.
  • Wolf - Reduced the amount of Raw Meat obtained from harvesting a Wolf corpse.


  • Friendly fire constitution damage reduced.
  • City Lords - Adjusted the amount of gold required to enforce punishments.

Equipment / Magic:

  • All Projectile Magic (Fireball, Frostbolt, Lightning, etc.) - Increased projectile max flight distance.
  • Wall of Lightning - No longer damages structures.
  • Small Spell Tower - Increased targeting range by 50%.
  • Iron Hammer - Heavy attack hit detection improved.
  • Iron Pick - Added a power attack (right-click).
  • Spear - Can now aim vertically, even if it looks a bit awkward for now.
  • All Armor Types - Adjusted physical and magic defense, and added spell resistance to be more in line with the armor tier, type, and weight.

New Content:

  • Using certain items will now increase related Knowledge node experience.


  • Added Health and Mana bars when targeting creatures, NPCs, and other players.
  • Adjusted tooltips in the Knowledge interface.
  • Added icons above objects that can be interacted with.
  • Ice Chunk - Changed the item icon.
  • Server Selection UI - Now allows for longer server names.
  • Keybinds - Cleaned up the menu and removed unused actions.

Bug Fixes


  • Resetting Potion - Using it will no longer reset your unlocked Schematics.
  • Wall of Lightning - Schema crafting requirements, damage tick frequency, and spell duration have all had their values corrected.
  • Spider Web - Players can now move immediately after casting.
  • Firestorm - Fixed damage against metal structures.
  • Fertilizer - Fixed a bug where fertilizer would disappear from a crop plot after a short period of time.
  • War Flag - Fixed a bug where, occasionally, after making a war declaration, the House that received the declaration would not be able to damage the declaring House's structures.
    Framework Triangle Foundation - Corrected HP values.
    Stone and Iron Pickaxe and Axe - Improved hit detection, making it easier to gather from smaller resource nodes without needing to crouch.
  • War Declaration - Fixed incorrect War Declaration time, now persists through server restarts. Fixed an issue where one House was unable to attack another even after receiving a War Declaration.
  • Focusing Potion - Fixed a bug where it was uncraftable if learned after level 10.
  • Bedrolls - Can now be picked up after placing and will retain durability usage.
  • Parachute - Fixed a bug where players were still taking full fall damage even when using a Parachute.
  • Dragon Transports - Temporarily removed Estel and Ironfast's Dragon Transports while the system is redesigned.
  • Wall Torch - Fixed a bug where Wall Torches would defy all logic and expand to dozens of times their original size when demolished.


  • Guards - Fixed a bug where Guards would occasionally spawn with only 1 HP. Can now actually look up and target / attack flying creatures.
  • NPC Vendors - Now respawn in their set location within their city after a set period of time after being killed.

The Sacred Path:

  • Adjusted terrain in a number of locations around The Sacred Path where characters and creatures were getting stuck. This patch is focused mainly on the area around Ironfast.
    Fixed issues with floating foliage in a number of locations around The Sacred Path.


  • Fixed a bug where a character dismounting from certain creatures would allow them to clip through walls.
    Longhorn, Hellcat, and Infernus Dragon - Fixed a bug where these creatures would move backwards when using their normal attack while riding them. Power attacks still have this issue, and will be fixed in a future patch.
  • Frost Dragon - Fixed a bug where Frost Dragons could be ridden without a saddle.
  • Light Elemental - Fixed a bug where Light Elementals could be equipped with a saddle.


  • Made adjustments to the Female Guard Armor and Male Traveler Suit models.

Note: we're aware that there are still some issues with the Quest system, and we appreciate your feedback thus far. We're working on those bugs and we'll have a fix out as soon as possible.


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