Skills for Dark and Light is covered on this page. There are 3 Main skills categories and those are Adventuring, Magic and Architecture. Adventuring Skills focus on the player's ability to make food, get good rest, create better Armor and Weapons and just generally survive. Magic focuses on the learning of Spells that can aid the player in his/her travels. And finally Architecture focuses on the building of Structures that the player can utilize to store items, keep animals and just generally have a place to reside.





Adventuring Skills

Adventuring Skills in Dark and Light are extremely important. Knowledge in Adventuring is essential to your survival in Dark and Light. Being able to eat, sleep, fight and protect yourself are the most important things in the game. Smart players will focus on these Skills above all else and once proficient, make time to craft Strucures and learn Spells.



As an adventurer, you must learn to survive on your own, even in the harshest environments. Master this skill will teach you how to craft the basic necessities of life.

Melee Crafting

True warriors possess the bravery to face their opponents up close, and the skills to forge their own tools for harvesting and combat.

Ranged Crafting

Hunters prefer to strike their prey from a distance. Master the art of crating ranged weapons, and you will be able to slay your enemies before they have a chance to strike.



A sturdy shield can mean the difference between life and death in combat. Knowing how to craft a good defense is essential knowledge for any adventurer.

Armor Crafting

Traditional armor offers protection against physical danger. Master the art of crafting this garb and you can stand your ground against the mightiest warriors.


Tailored cloth provides less physical protection than armor, but is favored by spellcasters for its magical resistances.



Eating any food can keep you from starving, but a well cooked meal feeds the soul as much as the body. Mastering cooking knowledge means less waste and a fuller stomach.


Learn to grow your own food, and you can feed yourself without risking life and limb. Work hard and nurture your crops, an you can thrive off the fat of the land.


You will encounter many wild creatures in your adventures, both docile and fierce. Develop the knowledge to dominate these beasts and make them into your loyal companions.



Learn to craft saddles fitting creatures of all shapes and sizes, and turn your tamed beasts into mounts that you can ride across the lands, the seas and even the skies!




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