Melee Crafting


Increased by:

  • Gather Stones
  • Craft Tools
  • Craft melee weapons

Melee Crafting is an Adventuring Skill in Dark and Light.



Melee Crafting Information


True warriors possess the bravery to face their opponents up close, and the skills to forge their own tools for harvesting and combat. 



Skill Tree





Reqs to Craft


Crafted At




Stone Axe

20 2.0 17

 Straw x10

 Wood x1

 Stone x1

Your Inventory 13 A weak axe fashioned from stone. Primarily used for harvesting wood and other resources from trees.

Stone Sword

25 2.0 11

 Wood x4

 Stone x6

Your Inventory 14 A crude melee weapon made from stone. Although the blade is dull, use it to attack enemies up close and harvest some resources.

Stone Pickaxe

16 2.0 14

 Twine x1

 Wood x2

 Stone x3

Your Inventory 15 A flimsy pick made from stone. Primarily used to mine boulders for valuable minerals.

Iron Scythe

25 2.0 49 

 Wood x4

Hide x8

Copper Ore x12

Your Inventory 36 A sturdy scythe made from iron. Reaps more rewards from shrubs than harvesting by hand.

Iron Dagger

35 0.5 18

 Hide x5

Copper Ingot x10

Iron Ingot x15

Work Bench 45 A sturdy iron dagger. Slash quickly at your enemies up close with this agile melee weapon.

Iron Axe

40 2.0 71

 Wood x1

 Hide x10

 Iron Ingot x8

Work Bench

 Castle Smithy

34 A sturdy axe fashioned from iron. More durable and efficient for harvesting trees then its stone counterpart.

Iron Pickaxe

36 2.0 56

 Wood x1

 Hide x10

 Iron Ingot x1

Work Bench

Castle Smithy

35 A fine pickaxe made of iron. Gathers minerals from boulders more efficiently and outlasts the stone version.

Iron Sword

55 2.0 31

 Hide x10

 Copper Ingot x25

 Iron Ingot x35

Your Inventory 46 A fine sword forged from iron. The ideal weapon for one-handed melee combat, or pairing with a shield.

Iron Hammer

75 2.0 64

 Wood x50

 Copper Ingot x15

 Iron Ingot x50

Your Inventory 47 An iron war hammer. Heavy and slow to wield, but deals crushing damage to enemies up close.

Iron-tipped Spear

50 0.5 35 

 Wood x10

 Iron Ingot x10

 Hide x20

Work Bench

Castle Smithy

37 A solid wooden spear tipped with iron. Deal more damage to enemies when you throw or stab with this weapon.

Iron Greatsword

125  2.0  127

 Hide x25

 Copper Ingot x50

 Iron Ingot x120

Cyclops Workbench


48 A large, two-handed iron sword. Forego a shield and use this sword for heavy melee attacks.


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