Multiplayer and Online Information about Dark and Light is located on this page.


Multiplayer and Online Information

While Dark and Light can be played in single player mode, the multiplayer mode is the core of this game.

There are official and unofficial servers of DNL you can pick from, remeber that in unoffical server the game host/admin can use command codes (to create items or generate enemies) or other management tools, just like in single player mode. But if you use any cheating program in official server, you account will recieve an permant ban.

Also, in unoffical servers the gathering speed/ EXP gainning speed etc. can be set by the host/admin, so they could mean eaiser play or the opposite. While in official servers, these values have been set to default. If you seek less challenge or more challenge, or you just want to play with g small group of friends, you may consider unofficial servers.

There are two types of official server by game style, both allows up to 70 players to join. PVP servers allows you to attack players from same faction even in the starting area. That means you character may have a tougher start and experience more hostile actions, but if you like to fight other people then taht maybe your choice. In PvE servers, you can not attack player from same faction, however you can still attack other players' houses if your house declared war on them. 

In PvE servers, player built structures will gradually lose durability, however in PvP server. These buildings can only been damaged by enemies.

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