Glass Bottle

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Glass Bottle is a type of resource in Dark and Light.

Glass bottles provide a portable water source, allow bottling of potions and form the core of Magic Essence, which is used to power much of the advanced magic tools, items and armour found in the game, can be refilled and reused over and over for drinking water.


"A simple glass bottle. Used to bottle medicines and potions and increase their potency."


You can fill the glass bottle with water by activating it in your hotbar while it's raining or near a water source. You can then drink from it when you get thirsty.

Glass bottles full of water can also be put it in a Water Reservoir , Medium Plot , Small Plot or Large Plot and remote use it to transfer water from the bottle to the item the bottle is in.



Glass Bottle Ingredients

  • 8x Quartz Sand
  • 4x Charcoal
  • 6x Sulfer Powder



Can only be crafted at

  • Inventory



Glass Bottle Uses

  • Ice Chunk
  • Magic Essence
  • Acidic Extract




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

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