Water Magic


Increased by:

  • Gather fruits
  • Collect Block of Ice
  • Craft Water knowledge materials

Water Magic is an Magic Skill in Dark and Light.



Water Magic Information

The element of water has transformative properties. Mastering this school of magic allows you to craft spells that can restore life and freeze your enemies in their tracks.



Skill Rank




1 -- Rune of Restoration
2 Water Magic Rank 1 Frostbolt
3 Water Magic Rank 2 Rune of Cooling
4 Water Magic Rank 3 Wall of Ice
5 Water Magic Rank 4 Frostbolt II
6 Water Magic Rank 5 Hailstorm
7 Water Magic Rank 6 Frostbolt III
8 Water Magic Rank 7 Hailstorm II



Notes & Tips

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