Hunting Mastery

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Hunting Mastery is a Task in Dark and Light.

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  1. Woodsman I

  2. Woodsman II
    Chopping and splitting wood for a fire or a cabin can be as important to your survival as Wiling a bear. The mightiest tree is no match for your axe!
  3. Fellmonger
    What separates hunters from predators is the wisdom to make the most of your kill. Leave nothing to waste, and nature will provide you with all that you need.
  4. Vagabond
    A true hunter can make their home anywhere. The materials to set up a camp are always all around you, and so a warm meal and a good rest are always at your fingertips. 
  5. Bowyer
    Master crafting the tools of the hunt, friend. Whether they're aggressive or skittish, you would always rather attack your prey from a distance and keep the upper hand.
  6. Fletcher
    A hunter is useless without a weapon, and a bow is useless without an arrow. Craft and carry ammunition at all times, for often they may be the only thing keeping you from becoming a meal!
  7. Easy Prey
    A good hunter chooses his quarry carefully. Easy prey might not always yield the best game, but you should be hunting to keep yourself alive, not to show off. Not getting mauled is a good way to keep yourself alive.
  8. Deadly Prey
    Sometimes a predator - or even just a desperate bout of hunger - may back you into a corner. You've got to be able to slay beasts with sharp teeth and claws when it counts. just don't get surrounded!
  9. Big Game
    The bigger they are, the harder they fall...and the more they can feed and clothe you. Bigger beasts require more strategy and skill to take down, but the spoils can be worth the effort.
  10. ???
  11. Legendary Prey
    Many would consider hunting the worshiped beasts of Archos' factions to be sacrilege. Any hunter that manages to slay these godly creatures is sure to be immortalized in legends.
  12. Outlander


Important NPCs

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Tips & Tricks

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