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Wood Feeding Trough 4.0


  • Taming Rank 1
  • Player Level 6

 Straw x 20

 Wood x 40

 Twine x 15

 Your Inventory 41 A simple wooden feeding trough. Use this in the taming of pets and livestock, and to keep them fed in captivity. 
Stone Feeding Trough 4.0
  • Taming Rank 2
  • Player Level 9

 Wood x 120

 Stones x 60

  Copper Ore x20

 Iron Ingot x10

Work Bench 42  An advanced stone trough. Used for taming and feeding beasts, with more durability and capacity than its wooden counterpart.
Summoning Pool 6.0
  • Taming Rank 3
  • Player Level 15

 Stones x 350

 Copper Ingot x150

 Magic Essence x20

Magic Workbench 53 A restorative magic pool. It is said that a powerful mage can use entrapped souls in such a pool to summon familiars into existence.

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