Light Magic


Increased by:

  • Gather magic-infused items
  • Craft light knowledge materials
  • Kill unicorn

Light Magic is an Magic Skill in Dark and Light.



Light Magic Information

The element of light has guiding and revealing properties. Mastering this school of magic allows you to craft spells that lead you through the darkness.




Skill Rank



Reqs to Craft


Crafted At



Rune of Light 0.5 Magical Shard x 3 Your Inventory 206 A magical stone imbued with a light spell. Provides a guiding and warding light when cast.
Rune of Recall 0.5

Quartz Sand x 50

Magical Shard x 50

Your Inventory 236 A magical stone imbued with a teleporting spell. Transports you to your faction's city when cast.
Rune of Radiance 0.5

 Lightstone x15

Magical Shard x 25

Your Inventory 207 A magical stone imbued with an advanced light spell, offering greater guidance and protection.




Notes & Tips

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