Increased by:

  • Gather magic-infused items
  • Craft Enchanting Knowledge materials
  • Unavailable

Enchanting is an Magic Skill in Dark and Light.



Enchanting Information

Through Enchanting, even the most mundane items can be infused with powerful magic. Master enchanters can turn a normal piece of paper into an unbreakable magical contract and impart incredible power into ordinary equipment. 



Skill Rank



Reqs to Craft



Crafted At


Paper 0.02

 Straw x 3

Twine x 1

43 Your Inventory A simple piece of parchment. Used Ink to inscribe notes and messages on it.
Ink 0.3

 Grass x 10

 Charcoal x 10

 Glass Bottle x 1

112 Your Inventory A bottle of ink. Use with parchments to draft notes and contracts.
Magic Parchment 0.02

 Hide x 1

 Paper x 5

 Magical Shards x 5

44 Your Inventory A magic piece of parchment. Can be used to draft magic contracts with some intelligent creatures.
Goblin Contract 0.02


118 Your Inventory  



Notes & Tips

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