Increased by:

  • Collect flowers
  • Craft decor items
  • ??

Decor is an Architecture Skill in Dark and Light.



Decor Information


A dwelling is not a home without a personal touch. Develop this knowledge to craft items that can touch up and beautify your dwellings.



Skill Rank



Reqs to Craft


Crafted At



Wooden Signpost  4.0

 Straw x 3

 Wood x 5

 Twine x 4

Your Inventory 7 An engraveable wooden sign.Inscribe a message to guide or warn off travellers.
Wall Torch 4.0 
  • Decor Rank 2
  • Player Level 7

 Straw x 8

 Wood x 5

Stone x 2

Sulfur Ore x 5

Your Inventory 4 An wall-mounted sconce with a torch. Attach to a wall and add some kindling to provide some light inside your dwelling.
Standing Torch  2.0
  • Decor Rank 3
  • Player Level 10

 Wood x 5

 Twine x 5

Your Inventory 574 Use Different fuel that you can see different flame.
Brazier 6.0 
  • Decor Rank 4
  • Player Level 15

 Wood x 15

 Twine x 5

Hide x 2

Copper Ingot x 1

Your Inventory 575 Use Different fuel that you can see different flame. Light range bigger than standing torch.


Notes & Tips

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