City Dweller

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City Dweller is a Task in Dark and Light.

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  1. Scavenging Scraps
    Gold is a useful resource within the city limits. You can purchase supplies and resources from vendors in the market, as well as rent rooms in the residential and old town districts of the city.
  2. Harvesting Resources to Sell
    The vendors in our city will trade bulk items for a fair sum of gold coins. You can make a modest living by selling what you harvest each day to the right shopkeeper.
  3. Selling Supplies to Vendors
    Seek out the vendors in the city market and try to sell what you've harvested. I have Earn Gold hopes that you can help our faction's economy thrive, and earn yourself a place in our city to rest your head at night.
  4. Reaching a Faction Title
    Now I shall ask a favor of you. Donate gold to our vendors, and we can expand our inventory. In return, your renown within the faction will grow, and we will grant you new titles.
  5. Preparing for Adventure
    You are quickly growing into a valuable member of our faction, stranger! Continue to %LINO harvest, craft and sell your wares to build experience and continue to grow!


Important NPCs

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Tips & Tricks

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