A New World

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A New World is a Task in Dark and Light.

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  1. Harvesting
    Well done. You will need to harvest ingredients to create spells and tools. More importantly, harvesting is the key to foraging for food and keeping yourself alive. Remember this above all else!
  2. Crafting an Item
    You're as quick a study as you were when I met you. That should be enough for a few uses, but you should always carry enough ingredients to craft several Runes of Light come nightfall.
  3. Let there be Light
    Good, you have proven yourself able to cast magic. Archos is a dark world with many dangers, especially after nightfall. Your Rune of Light will allow you to see in the dark and ward off weaker creatures.
  4. Satiating Hunger and Thirst: Good. Always heed your stomach. If you allow yourself to go hungry, it maybe too late to search for food. Fruit will sustain you for a while until you learn to hunt and cook meat.
  5. Melee Crafting Skill
    Knowledge of magic alone is not enough to survive. Your Melee Crafting skill will grant you the knowledge to craft all manner of implements that can double as harvesting tools and weapons.
  6. Crafting an Axe
    That should do. An axe will allow you to harvest wood from trees, which you'll need to build more tools.
  7. Equipping an Axe
    Excellent! Give your axe a good swing using (LMB). You can also sheath it using (Q) whenever you need to harvest from shrubs or other things that require your hands.
  8. Chopping Trees
    Chopping trees takes a toll on you and your axe. Melee swings will deplete your stamina, and overexertion drains your constitution. Make sure to rest, or you may find yourself growing faint!
  9. Staff Crafting Skill
    Magic staffs are the col nerstone of any mages arsenal, giving you the ability to aim and fire your spells at targets. Most spells cannot be cast without one.
  10. Crafting a Staff
    A fine staff, but it is still useless to you without a spell to cast. You must learn to craft combat spells from each school of magic to turn a staff into a powerful weapon.
  11. Crafting a Draining Spell
    Crafting a Draining Spell Be careful with the powers of Dark Magic, child of Gaia. Look to the sky and see what became of our world by its misuse. The fate of Archos may depend on how you harness this power.
  12. Equipping a Staff and Spell
    Simply aim your staff at a tree or boulder and hold [WM to begin extracting magic shards. Mind your target, as it can drain the life force from living creatures.
  13. Draining Magics
    Magic uses your mana, which in turn takes a toll on your focus. Resting your mind is the only way to regain your focus and avoid exhaustion, which can kill you as readily as a hungry beast.
  14. Regaining Focus
    Remember to always mind your focus. These gifts will offer some rest, but you need a sword to harvest more flowers, and a knowledge of alchemy to make them more potent.
  15. Practice Makes Perfect
    I must go, but you no longer need my guidance. Access your Quests (0) to seek further help from the denizens of Archos. Good luck Child of Gaia. May you find balance in the Dark and Light.


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